The Museum Virtual Exhibition Award

The Museum Virtual Exhibition Award


Once a year we award the Museum Virtual Exhibition Prize to special exhibitions in order to draw special attention to events or museums that particularly fulfil the following criteria:

Social relevance:

Does the exhibition address a topic that is important for social development? Does it convey content that promotes new thinking, rethinking or not forgetting?

Budget Creativity

Is special responsibility shown towards budget and sponsors? Are sensible collaborations developed with financial responsibility that result in added opportunities, interdisciplinary consideration and mediation?

Social competence / management

How do we experience, during our collaboration, the atmosphere between the museum staff? Are there programmes that involve children in outreach? How is the interaction with partners? Are virtual tours offered? Are emails answered? Is idealism palpable?

Nominations are made during a calendar year but are not made public. The decision is made on 15 December of the respective calendar year. The prize is awarded in January of the following year.

The jury consists of the management and shareholders of Museum Virtuell GmbH and former prize winners from previous years. All exhibitions exhibiting on the platform will be considered for the award.

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