Festung Königstein

The Königstein Fortress in Saxon Switzerland

Great distant views and interesting insights into 800 years of life on Königstein – the huge mountain fortress with more than 50 structures such as barracks, deep wells, casemates and well-kept gardens – offers culture, nature and fun for young and old explorers at any time of the year.

Tour through the mysterious deep cellars of Königstein Fortress

In 1589, the expansion of Königstein into a fortress began. Earlier entrances were walled up and a new entrance was built over a natural crevice in the rock.

Along with the new gateway, the gatehouse was also built. The cellars of the gatehouse were built into the jagged rock. In many places, the natural rock is connected with the masonry.

On many of the stones on the cellar walls one can find stone sharpening marks (work of stone carvers) and on the door walls stone masons’ marks (work of stone masons), which testify to the craftsmanship of the 16th century.

The upper basement rooms are equipped with light and air shafts. The first basement was originally used to defend the entrance. Later it was used to store potatoes, wood, coal…. were stored there.

Do you want to know what it looks like there? Click here for a digital tour of the mysterious underground cellars.

Take a close look at the rooms. Can you find the stonemasons’ marks?

You are also welcome to visit in person with your parents, take part in a guided tour or a great hands-on program.

Bilder von : Major Tom Luftbilder – Thomas Eichberg