Perched high on a rocky spur above the town of the same name, Gnandstein Castle is Saxony’s best-preserved Romanesque fortification. The imposing shield wall and the Zwinger in front of it give the visitor a reverent pause. The 13th century palace with its well-preserved late Romanesque window arcades, the impressive well house as well as the fortified cellars and the miners’ hall bear witness to life in the medieval castle.

A true highlight of the tour is the ascent of the 33 meter high keep. After climbing 155 steps, you can enjoy a picturesque panoramic view of the Kohrener Land region.

In addition to the late Gothic chapel and interior rooms of the Baroque and Classicism, the collection of the Groß family is another aesthetic highlight. Valuable paintings and handicraft gems from seven centuries invite visitors to an “encounter with beauty” and paint a charming picture of the passion for collecting and the collectors of the 18th and 19th centuries.