Het Dordts Patriciërshuis

The Dordrecht Patrician Residence

As if the residents were out on an errand. This is the atmosphere you enter. As soon as the front door opens, you imagine yourself in the home of a distinguished family.

In the anteroom on the left, you are greeted by one of the dedicated volunteers to whom you can hand over your coat and bag. In this room you can admire, among other things, a fireplace piece by Cornelis Kuipers, which has been kept in this place since 1787.

In the front room on the right side you have a beautiful view of the attractive Wolwevershaven. In this room you will find two beautiful floral still lifes by this painter. These were always owned by his family and therefore never intended for sale.

Walking through the long corridor, you pass the cozy kitchen.

This is followed by the dining room and the beautiful Maaskamer. The round Maaskamer offers a unique view of the busiest three-river point in the Netherlands. On the left is the Oude Maas, on the right the Beneden-Merwede and straight ahead the Noord. Also discover the beautifully hidden details in this space.

Whether you are visiting the Dordrecht Patrician Residence for the museum collection, a meeting or a photo shoot, the first impression is one of warmth, coziness and hospitality. Walking through the long corridor, one is drawn like a magnet to the largest focal point of the house. In this Maaskamer visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the busiest three-river point in Europe.