Museum Hameln

Welcome to the Hamelin Museum!

They are widely known as postcard motifs and attract attention even from the outside: Leisthaus and Stiftsherrenhaus, situated in the middle of the pedestrian zone, form the magnificent setting for the Hameln Museum, one of the largest and most traditional in the region.

Inside, visitors embark on a journey through time to the history of the town and its surroundings, from the first traces of settlement to the recent past. The permanent exhibition was completely renovated only a few years ago and extends over 1,200 square metres on six exhibition levels. A separate exhibition area is dedicated to the world-famous Pied Piper saga, on which the museum has probably the largest collection in the world.

Outstanding exhibits, modern exhibition media and the unique mechanical Pied Piper theatre make a visit to the museum an exciting experience for the whole family.