Schloss Nossen

Nossen Castle

The Renaissance castle Nossen rises on a rock high above the Freiberg Mulde. This magnificent complex was built on the walls of an old castle almost 500 years ago. It served the Wettins as a hunting and travel camp. It also housed the administration of the newly created district of Nossen.

Augustus the Strong also used Nossen as a stopover on his travels. For a short time, August’s most famous mistress, the Countess Cosel, was also imprisoned here. Later Saxon rulers, however, gave the castle a wide berth, as it no longer seemed representative enough to them. Nossen fell into a slumber.

In the meantime, however, the complex is undergoing a transformation. During your virtual tour, you will get a glimpse of the construction site in the castle. This will accompany us for a few more years. Soon, Nossen Castle is to reopen in new splendor and with a modern museum.