Schloss Wildenfels

Musenhof Wildenfels Castle

Wildenfels Castle rises on a mountain spur above the town. Even from a distance, you can see the white facade shining above the green treetops. With its impressive silhouette, it dominates the townscape.

Small but mighty: Particularly through its cultural treasures, the historic building has also attracted attention beyond the region and has developed into a center of attraction at the foot of the Ore Mountains. In the museum facilities and the contemporary gallery, numerous exhibitions invite visitors to linger. For art lovers, visitors and guests of West Saxony an informative insight is offered.

The “Blue Salon” with its unique silk wallpapers shines again in new splendor after its restoration. With the finest silk and elaborate embroidery, you can admire a unique overall room design of the 18th century. Let yourself be enchanted by the floral bouquets, the rich decor and the oriental feel of this wallpaper work of art! The neoclassically designed palace hall with the wedding room and the count’s library are also worth a visit. The ceiling paintings by Christian Leberecht Vogel are particularly worth seeing. As court painter, he left his mark on Wildenfels Castle with numerous portraits of the count’s family, murals and supraports. In addition to his pronounced artistic interest, he also shared with his brother Friedrich Magnus I a free-spirited attitude, which is still reflected today in the design of the castle rooms. In the course of this, it becomes clear why Schloss Wildenfels is still considered a “court of the muses” today. After all, according to Greek mythology, the muses are the patron goddesses of the arts.

We offer an exchange between visitors and trained guides, during which the cultural monument can be explored together. Through concerts, reading evenings and castle festivals as well as cooperation with socio-cultural projects, cross-generational cultural work is possible. Thus, new discoveries are always waiting for guests young and old.

We cordially invite you to explore the castle rooms and participate in our diverse events. Please feel free to drop by.

We are looking forward to your visit –

The Friends of Wildenfels Castle e.V.