Weesenstein Castle – Pearl from Saxony’s Crown

Weesenstein’s history began more than 800 years ago. It began with a medieval fortification on a rock and was built from top to bottom over the centuries. In the 19th century, the estate came into the possession of the Saxon royal family.

There is ballroom architecture in the attic, horse stables on the fifth floor, vaulted cellars below and, still one floor below, the stately living quarters with original interiors. Things seem to be upside down in Weesenstein Castle, because the way to the Middle Ages leads upwards!

At the foot of the castle lies the well-tended castle park. The riverbed of the Müglitz divides it into two wings. Varied flowerbeds adorn the garden near the castle. In the larger part of the park, shady avenues of lime trees and paths lined with hornbeam hedges lead to architectural gems.

The Weesenstein Castle team hopes you enjoy your virtual tour.

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