Kloster Altzella

Altzella Monastery

In 1162, the Wettin Otto the Rich founded the Cistercian monastery of Altzella. Supported and protected by the margraves of Meissen, Altzella developed into one of the most important monasteries in Central Germany. With the church and the many commercial and residential buildings, it resembled a small town.

During the Reformation, the monastery was dissolved and the old buildings were used mainly as quarries. The old burial place of the Saxon dynasty also fell into disrepair. Instead, a mausoleum and a landscape park were built according to the English model. Today, a wonderful ambience of medieval architecture and relaxing nature awaits our visitors.

By the way, the virtual tour also allows insights into the impressive roof truss, which has been rising above the so-called Konversenhaus for more than 500 years, the old cellars of the Cellarium as well as the small crypt of the Wettins in the mausoleum – places that are usually closed to the public. Have fun discovering them!